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We are Specialists in Unified Communications

What are "Unified Communications"?
Why would My Organisation want them?

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Experience You can Count On

Combined, our specialist team have over 100 years in the field
You can rest assured you are in the right hands

Network Solutions for all sizes of organisation

Business, Enterprise or Government


Local, Metropolitan and Wide Area networks

Data centre design and migration services

Disaster recovery solutions

Scalable Solutions

Networking from Floor to Ceiling
Rivernet provide a full end-to-end service through design, implementation and ongoing support following installation.
Our experts cover a wide range of networking strategies and can scale up and scale-down to meet your needs.

Rivernet Communications is a Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialised company

Rivernet Brisbane Networking support

Network audits

WAN optimisation (WAAS)

Load balancing and content switching

Remote Access solutions

Wireless Networks

Wireless communication Everywhere

Rivernet can help you to utilise the latest in wireless communications to provide voice and data mobility throughout your organisation.

Wireless networks can be designed and deployed to provide secure mobility throughout your premises to enable your staff to access company resources when and where they need to.
Rivernet can also assist to configure your wireless network to allow visitors and guests access to specified internal resources or access to the internet.


Wireless networks that grow with your organisation

Whether permanent or temporary, wireless can be utilised to extend your network to new buildings and sites.

It can be deployed quickly without the need for infrastructure and cables to be laid meaning your organisation is connected and operational in the shortest time possible.

Rivernet Brisbane Wireless Networks


Rivernet Brisbane network security specialists

Be comfortable that your network is secure

With the rapid pace at which technology develops network security is often a concern.
Rivernet can assist you to make the right decisions to ensure that your network and data are kept safe. Either by adding enhanced security methods to your existing network infrastructure or simply by verifying your present security measures.

Even if it is just to confirm what you already know. Rivernet can offer an independent review of your network security and offer guidance for protecting your most valuable of assets; your data.

Network Security is in our DNA

You can rest assured that every Rivernet solution is designed from the ground up with security in mind.

All of our network solutions are put through the same rigorous vulnerability and penetration testing that is applied when we perform a network security review.

Security Experts that go the extra mile

When we perform security testing the coverage is thorough and includes both vulnerability checks and penetration testing.

All security assessments are carried out by our team of security specialists using a combination of automated tools and manual analysis to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Not only will you receive documented details of any security issues or vulnerabilities found, but we will also help you to plan and take action to ensure that your network is secure.


Voice without the overheads

Using a “Unified Communications” strategy, Rivernet can provide telephony and other communication services by utilising your existing data network.
This saves the additional costs involved to install voice capable infrastructure, and makes adding or changing your telephony easy, fast and cost effective.

Traditional telephony services required extra hardware and a second set of cables, anywhere that you wanted a phone. By using your existing data network you already have the infrastructure in place.

Simple operation such as moving a phone or adding a new phone to the telephony network used could only be performed by a specialised engineer, and would usually come at a premium. By employing Unified Communications, Rivernet enable you to take control of your voice systems and perform many maintenance functions yourself.

Not just Telephones

Having Unified Communications paves the way for you to take advantage of some of the latest technology, and provides the platform on which you can increase your communication capabilities.

With Unified Communications as the base your organisation would be able to:

  • Integrate voice-mail into your organisation’s email
  • Integrate telephony into common desktop applications
  • Integrate with your CRM application
  • Conduct video conferencing
  • Provide Tele-presence capabilities

Rivernet voice and phone networks

We have Your Networking Needs Covered

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Rivernet Online Collaboration Tools

Collaborate with your team and partners anytime, anywhere

Rivernet Communications is an authorised Cisco Webex Partner.
WebEx enables you to meet anywhere; your office, iphone, smartphone, even your iPad!

Complete with High Definition video and the ability to record the meetings as they happen, WebEx will allow you to share and collaborate with your team wherever you are.

Training without the travel


WebEx also provides the ability to provide remote support and training without the need to be there in person. Saving you time and resources by using the latest in web-conferencing technology.

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